How It Works - Cloud Services - BlueFox Cloud Solutions - Business Cloud Computing - Citrix XenApp - IT Cost Analysis - Houston, New York, United States
How It Works - BlueFox Cloud Solutions - IT Cost Analysis - Houston, United States

Do more for less!

The beauty of the cloud is that its applications are almost limitless, which means that pretty much any computer program that you would want, you can have. Let us look into your current system so we can implement a solution that provides your business with everything it needs.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will help you find the cloud solution that’s right for your business and help you get the most of what cloud technology has to offer. All for an affordable rate that stays the same each month.

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How It Works - BlueFox Cloud Solutions - Business Cloud Computing - New York, United States

Lower Costs:

With the Cloud you no longer have to buy and maintain expensive servers, perpetual software licenses and unreliable desktop hardware.

Increased Data Security

The biggest misconception with the Cloud is that your data isn’t safe. At Bluefox, we assure you your data is just as secure as it would be with a traditional server.

BlueFox datacenters are SAS 70 Type II compliant, What does that mean?

It means we meet the industry's most stringent requirements for controls and safe guards. Your data is backed up nightly on redundant high-speed storage area networks. The power systems running these networks are backed up by diesel engine generators, so they’re well protected against blackouts. And our datacenters themselves are secured with biometric scanners, two-factor authentication and 24x7x365 video camera monitoring.

Increased Accessibility

Your business network is available on any device, anywhere, at anytime. Wherever you go, your office goes with you.

Minimized Risk

Bluefox becomes your Information Technology department and eliminates the risks associated with running your own business network. We assume the responsibility for...

  • Software Licensing
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • Patch Management
  • Backups
  • User Support
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Network Security
  • and much more that you can focus on your core competency.