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Alliances - BlueFox Cloud Solutions - IT Cost Analysis - Houston, United States


We partner with the best and the brightest companies in the IT space to provide hardware, software, and IT security solutions. The relationships we’ve built over the years mean you get the most of what their services have to offer. And when new IT solutions become available, you automatically benefit.

Alliances - BlueFox Cloud Solutions - Business Cloud Computing - New York, United States

We are proud to work with the following businesses and technologies:

Citrix XenApp is one of our premier tools. Known for setting and raising the standard of excellent for remote access and connectivity software, we're proud to partner with Citrix.

Kaseya automated managed IT services platform helps us ensure our clients have the resources they need, when they're needed. They've won numerous awards and are used by a number of recognized bodies including the US Air Force, FedEx Office and the American Lung Association.

Cisco Systems has played a large role in developing computer networking systems for nearly 30 years. Their connectivity solutions provide flexibility, power, and reliability to clients around the world.

Acronis backup systems keep information safe and secure for more than 175,000 clients in over 90 countries around the world, every day.

Hewlett Packard (HP) creates some of the best thin client systems and remote support structures in the business for medium to large businesses, as well as providing excellent small business and consumer products.

Dell Computers power many small to medium businesses across the country by enabling users to identify needs and create custom solutions for every hardware use case. Their record as a business cloud computing provider is first class.

Apple products are found in many industries, from media production and graphic design to mobile communications, payment systems, and retail environments.

Microsoft is a world leader in software development and infrastructure, recognized for decades as the face of business IT both in the office, and web servers across the globe.